Blast(s) From The Past

I often write movie reviews, concert reviews, and theatre reviews and I’ve not been good about getting them out except to a few people here and there, so I’ve decided to do some retroactive posts. I will add them all into my blog with the original date they were posted. These posts will be clearly identified at the top, so you know they were stuck-in after the fact. I decided to do it that way so newcomers to my blog will not be confused by a rash of time-distorted postings all at once. These reviews are unedited and probably contain errors, but if you really care, let me know and I will fix them. I posted them without even looking — strictly cut and paste.

This post will be periodically updated with a list of the specific postings in question and links to same:

Retroactive Concert Entries:
Tina Turner (Sunrise, FL) 19 April 2000
Simon & Garfunkel (Miami, FL and Sunrise, FL) 18 December 2003
Elton John (Royal Albert Hall, London) 6 July 2004 (a royal benefit performance)

Retroactive Movie Entries:
Crouching Tiger 14 January 2001
AI 30 June 2001

Billy Elliot 22 April 2001

LOTR Fellowship of the Ring 23 December 2001

LOTR The Two Towers 22 December 2002

Pirates of the Caribbean 17 July 2003

LOTR The Return of the King 21 December 2003

Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban 13 June 2004

Revenge of the Sith 25 May 2005

Chronicles of Narnia Lion Witch Wardrobe 11 December 2005

Retroactive Play Entries:

Cirque Du Soleil Ka (Las Vegas) 14 March 2005

Lennon The Musical (San Francisco) 18 April 2005

Although I write many book reviews and CD reviews as well, I simply don’t have the energy to retroactively post them all. I just took the reviews I have saved so far of select movies, plays, and concerts and have posted them.

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