Billy Elliot (Movie Review)

This is a retro-post. I put this online 24 December 2005 using the date it was originally sent out.

Yesterday afternoon I saw “Billy Elliot” — I had mixed feelings about seeing it but had always been curious. To be sure, it did not turn out to be the movie I expected. However, I can certainly see why it won all the awards it did (Golden Globes, Director’s Guild, etc) And to throw my two cents in Jamie Bell got robbed for best actor award: he kicked the ass of Russell Crowe. And it was a way better film than Gladiator. (However Almost Famous still deserved best picture). Screw the Oscars(tm) anyway.

Back to the film. It was a well done, feel-mostly-good-film. While it’s not normally my style this film just did it very well without being overwrought. I can safely recommend this film to anyone. Although it is rated “R” it is 100% suitable for anyone. The SOLE reason it got an “R” is the liberal use of the F-word in the mining town where it is set. There is no sex, no drugs, and nothing even remotely objectionable. Yes, you can take the kids. They really do know the “F” word already.

This is an elegant film set in a strike-bound coal-mining town. Billy’s dad and brother are miners and Billy’s dad is paying Billy to take Boxing lessons. One day a dance class appears in the gym temporarily and Billy falls for Ballet. His family doesn’t see it as a good thing and think he’s a “Poof.” This is the basic plot of them film which is Billy wants to do Ballet and his father and brother’s refusal to accept him.

I’ll skip how it turns out. I left surprised, and please, that such a sweet film didn’t turn my stomach. You will enjoy this. While it’s been out awhile it’s probably still in your dollar theatre (where I saw it) or perhaps at your local rental store. (The play which would follow some 10 years later is a knock-out 12/24/05 — EAS)

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