Fun With iTunes — your library says things about you….

Eric Hedlund posted a version of this in his blog on 1-22-06. I’ve modified it and put it here. Load up iTunes, my friends, for a fun experiment. (You can do this with your iPod, or other music program if you prefer). Prepare your answers and post them here as comments….

You have to tell the truth no matter how embarrassing . You may omit Podcasts, video, and AudioBooks if you’d like. If you use symbols to force sort stuff where it doesn’t normally appear (such as tildes) you can go to the first naturally sorted item.

What are you using to answer? iTunes 6.0.2 for the Mac

How many songs? 676 (I have many more, but I don’t keep them all in iTunes).

Sort by artist
First artist: [USA For Africa] but if you don’t count punctuation, Aaron Copeland
Last artist: ZZ Top

Sort by song title

First Song: 99 Luftbaloons (Nena)

Last Song: Your Wildest Dream (Moody Blues)

Sort by time

Shortest Song: 20th Century Fox Fanfare at just a few seconds

Longest Song: Echoes (Pink Floyd) at over 23 minutes

Sort by album

First Album: 4 (Foreigner)

Last Album: You Had To Be There (Jimmy Buffett, Live)

Sort by “Last Played”

What was the most recent song played: Baby Grand (Billy Joel) today

What was the least recent song played/when: Come on Feel the Noise (Quiet Riot) 11-5-04

First song that comes up on Shuffle*: Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett)

(If you don’t have Shuffle on your device, what would you like to come up next time you press PLAY?)

Search for these terms

How many songs come up?

“sex?” 2

“death?” 0

“love?” 45

“you?” 69

“why?” 4

“God?” 4

“crazy?” 3

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