ACLU Launches Nationwide Action Against NSA Snooping on Americans’ Phone Calls

Don’t Spy On Me is the message from the ACLU. Follow this link, read the article, and then click the big telephone icon and add your name to the list of pissed-off people who don’t think our government should be spying on us. It’s illegal, yes, but more importantly it’s immoral. Frankly, my phone conversations could be posted to the web, and nobody would give a flying shit. However, I resent the fact my phone company has given the information out to begin with. Everyone’s pissed-off except, apparently, our elected officials who are supposed to do something about it. Don’t stand for it. Speak up. Just send an e-mail already.

I don’t always agree with the ACLU but this time I do. The Bush administration has been out of line for ages, but now they’re just paranoid. If you believe they’re just looking for terrorist, you’re deluded. They’re just like our beloved Mr. Nixon who compiled records on people who disagreed with him. In short, they’re looking for us.

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