Every now and then I steal from my own website for a post. This is from the “CMOT TMPV” section and entitled profundity.

  1. 9-11-01. The unbearable sadness of life in the modern world. I still can’t watch those pictures. (I’m sure you know which ones I’m talking about.)
  2. The Challenger accident. It affected me deeply, perhaps because I witnessed it as it unfolded on television.
  3. The death of Princess Diana. I don’t know why this affected me. There’s no rational reason for it.
  4. My first flight on Concorde. Many people don’t understand my obsession. Anyone who has flown her, understands deep within their soul. I feel sorry for the people who haven’t experienced it.
  5. Ralph Bakshi’s rather trashy animated film of Lord of the Rings because it inspired me to read the book. The book changed my life. And in the same vein, the first few moments of Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring made me believe I was there.
  6. My first subway ride. Toronto, Canada.
  7. I hear Imagine for the first time.
  8. My first computer (TRS-80 Model 1, 4k Ram); AppleLink Personal Edition (which one day will become AOL), and the Internet.
  9. Moving to Berkeley, California in sixth grade. I left my heart in San Francisco while discovering Herb Caen. There is no other place like it on earth.
  10. My first trip to London, England. I found a city that I could live in. It’s everything a city should be — except affordable. (What to see, where to eat, and what to do in London: My Complete Tour Guide )*.

I just decided to give this wider exposure. No need to comment unless you want to.

*I also have a guide for Las Vegas, Nevada

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