Talladega Nights (Ricky Bobby) — do NOT see this film

I cannot emphasize enough how fucking horrible this shite is. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is one of the most vile worthless pieces of “entertainment” to be put on film since the infamous Laserblast. It’s a toss-up but Laserblast still sucks a little bit more. DO NOT SEE THIS FILM.

There is very little about this film that’s worthwhile except for the often decent soundtrack. The plot is thin, the acting is barely passable, the kids are obnoxious without being funny, Ricky’s dad looks younger than he does. Okay, maybe there’s a hot babe in the film but sitting through a two-hour NASCAR commercial and a number Applebee’s commercials does not make it worthwhile.

Yes, there are some moments that are funny, but most of it falls flat. Will Farrell owes me a fucking refund? Do you hear me, Will? I will never see one of your movies again until I get a check for $9.75.

Why did we see this film? Well, I voted for Monster House but apparently the idea didn’t impress Arturo. Adrian was willing to see Monster House. Because we couldn’t agree, we decided to let the ticket-seller pick which of the two films we’d see. She suggested Talladega Nights — so she was obviously on the take. Anyway, because Arturo didn’t agree we saw this film. I hated it, Adrian I think hated it more than me, and even Arturo hated it. So maybe he should refund my money. Oh and we both punched Arturo for making it necessary to see this.

Anyway this sucks the big, fat, furry one, and is one the worst films I’ve ever seen.

(We also saw a preview for Rocky VI which will probably also suck, and Stallone can’t even act in the trailer.)

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