Randomness Part Deux

All sorts of things running around my brain today.

  1. Scooter’s sick. Not sure what. She was at the vet today and we make a return trip a week from today. She’s dehydrated even though she’s drinking.
    A full battery of tests have been ordered. The real problem — and what I brought her in for — was she eats and throws it back up not long thereafter following most every meal. Other than that she’s behaving normally, etc. The vet also tried to bathe her unsuccessfully, proving she’s still feisty as ever.

  2. I’m always tired. I’ll worry about that one day just as soon as I have time. I don’t sleep much anymore. Maybe it’s related to my other illnesses. I don’t even care anymore.

  3. My 1040-ES is due, and I need money to pay it. I hate this problem.

  4. My sister is causing lots of family strife because she’s acting like a spoiled kid. Sadly, she is. I hate siding with parents just as a matter of principle, but they’re right. Of course, they can’t quite figure out who created this monster. (Hint: mirror required)

  5. I think I’ve got to go to China in a few weeks. Why me? This will be my last trip for sure. I’m serious this time. (On the plus side, I’ll have a half-day in Hong Kong which excites me.) We’re going to Ningbo — one of the oldest cities in China, dating back to 4800 BC. That is one old city. And we think Philadelphia is an old city. Hah.

  6. Rob’s blog is being attacked by spammers and he hasn’t fixed it in days. I alerted him at any rate.

  7. I just picked a chunk of earwax out of my right ear. I feel much better. I bet you’re disgusted now.

  8. The Waterloo & City Line of the Tube re-opened today. I don’t much care, having used it once. The Heathrow Terminal 4 line reopens Sunday and that’s more important.

  9. Skype sucks. I finally tried a voice chat with Maury last night at her behest as an experiment. The sound quality was garbled, it warbled, it broke up, and disintegrated. Some sort of echo-ey interference. We both have broadband (6M for me and 3M for her). There is no reference for this problem on their website anywhere.

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