Here’s an e-mail I sent today, with the name removed to protect the innocent.

Hey 🙂

So I got your holiday card today. And it’s really funny on two levels. First, it’s the type of lowbrow humour I enjoy. You know I like to make fun of the Hellidays, and this year was no exception. Every year I go shopping for two different cards*, both funny. It took me two weeks this year to find the appropriate off-centre cards. Amazingly, one of the cards I picked was the
same one you sent me. I’m not sure if you’ll get selection “A” or selection “B” this year, but it would be quite ironic if you got the same card you sent me. Mine are going out tomorrow. They were ready today, but I didn’t have to time run them through the postage machine before the mailman came.

So, anyway, the card was a gas. I hope you like mine.

*Okay, three. Card selection “C” is for the older folks who might not like a perverted card with a dirty joke written inside the cover.

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