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This is an Untitled Post because I couldn’t think of one

Before I begin, I have two random comments: The second (and final) batch of London pictures are posted, BTW. Right, then, I’m glad Christmas is over. Not my favourite time of year. First, it lasts too long, starting before Halloween now and it’s infused with Christmas music. I abhor most of the music. Bah, humbug. […]

Christmas Stuff

Just a quick post as I kill some time. The Christmas Party at work was a success. We had it catered by Boston Market instead of Stephen’s Deli for the first time in decades after two disappointing performances in a row. It was more money but very well received. Turkey, brisket, ham, corn, mashed potatoes, […]

Old Mother Hubbard

This is another post in my series of titles that has little or nothing to do with the content. While it’s bad for traffic, it greatly amuses me. Or maybe it’s a gentle poke at Grant. You decide for yourself. I just finished dinner. I made almost a pound of burger meat (extra lean) and […]

Hello There

First, a special ‘hello’ to Nucor Steel’s corporate office in Charlotte who’ve made several visits to my blog in the past few days. Guys, you know I actually check my logs, right? I’m not looking for you specifically, but I do see you – you folks leave a large digital fingerprint every time you visit. […]

Happy Whatevers

Dear Loyal Reader(s): Okay, there’s lots of you out there but most of you just use RSS so you’ll probably skip this. However, to those who do read all the posts I’d like to wish you a Happy — be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or some other event. And I’d like to wish everyone […]

Random Stuff

I had dinner last night with someone I hadn’t seen in about 20 years. I’m still trying to figure out the exact date. Randy Barris. I had a really great time. He came over around 515pm right after I got home from work — a good 30 minutes before I figured he’d get there — […]

I hate Christmas

Dear God Almighty. I was at BJ’s Wholesale today to buy some bulk stuff for work — this is a routine event. Today, I wish to point out is 22 September 2007. They had artificial Christmas trees, wrapping, decorations, and were playing Christmas music. It’s 93 days away. Save us all from holiday creep. How […]


Here’s an e-mail I sent today, with the name removed to protect the innocent. Hey 🙂 So I got your holiday card today. And it’s really funny on two levels. First, it’s the type of lowbrow humour I enjoy. You know I like to make fun of the Hellidays, and this year was no exception. […]