Peter Jackson may or may not direct the Hobbit

Peter Jackson has been removed as director of the Lord of the Rings follow-up, The Hobbit. I think there is 100% agreement outside of New Line Cinema that this is perhaps the worse idea since New Coke. Let me go on the record as saying a Jackson-less Hobbit shall not be seen by me nor many fans. On-line boycott plans are already swirling. I accept that there is a legal dispute, but since this film will likely make close to a half-billion dollars, you imagine they could throw money at this problem, and it will vanish. I shall not discuss the legal vagaries of this situation because I don’t know the facts of either side, only that lawyers are involved.

However, Saul Zentz, who actually owns the rights says when the rights return to Tolkien Enterprises, he will contract with Jackson and no other director will be allowed to shoot the film.

I just had to weigh in, albeit a bit late due to the fact Blogger Beta isn’t even good enough to be Blogger Alpha. I wish I could switch back.

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