Scientists offered bribes to dispute Global Warming

The Guardian broke this story, which has since appeared elsewhere. I think, at this point, most people realize Global Warming is an issue.

Scientists and economists have been offered $10,000 each by a lobby group funded by ExxonMobile in order to undermine a major climate change report (released 2-2-07). Travel expenses and additional payments were also offered. The letters were sent by Kenneth Green, a visiting scholar at AEI, who confirmed that the organisation had approached scientists.

You really need to read this article. If this doesn’t prove something, I’m not sure what does. Maybe you disagree about the causes of Global Warming, and many people have different theories, but you can’t deny it exists and the causes aren’t natural. (Whether it’s cars, planes, industry, people, or something else is a long debate — but to argue that it doesn’t exist is just mind boggling).

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