Bush’s religious zealotry

I just need to point something out to my small core of faithful readers. Once again, I read where Bush is saying he looks to God for answers. It bothers me on many levels because the Constitution, last I checked, clearly mandates the separation of Church and State. This means, among many things, you can’t teach religion, you can’t bring it with you to public office. You may certainly believe in whatever God you wish. You may not, however, use it to help you make the decisions. An elected official is to make decision on what is good for the country — not what some mysterious voice from heaven tells him/her.

Bush is the worst kind of zealot: he’s a fascist, dangerous person. He would, given the chance, turn our nation into a theocracy. So would Mitt Romney — he said as much today when he said Nativity scenes and menorahs should be allowed into places they are currently not permitted.

If you wonder what’s wrong with a theocracy, allow me to list some countries that cannot separate their states from their churches: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican are all virtual theocracies. Until recently so were Iraq and Afghanistan — and we all know how well that’s worked out.

Somehow, I’m not seeing the slow drift towards a religious state as a good thing.

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