Worthless Information

I pulled my old G4 keyboard out of the closet as my Matias Tactile Pro 2.0 has been possessed by the devil. The space bar randomly works, and the Q key works twice each time you press it or zero times. The N works 4 out of 5 times.

Picked up my x-rays at the Chiropractor today. I scanned one and put it on Flickr — but it’s marked private so only my contacts can view it. The spinal doctor rescheduled me for Monday because they had a cancellation, so I am happy about that as I’m pretty much in constant pain now ever since my neck decided to go from recovering to deteriorating a few weeks ago.

My replacement shutters are now up. There’s plenty of work to be done — inside wall has to be removed and replaced because it’s full of holes. The exterior needs to be sealed and painted. But it does look much better.

I am bored this weekend unexpectedly since everyone ended up with other plans. I plan to go with Mr. Higgins to see Dark Knight again as he’s not seen it. All the locals got an email. Happy Birthday to Adrian who gets nothing since he won’t give me a hint. If it wasn’t so embarrassing for me, I’d buy him a dildo or something else disgusting. ::laughs::

I got $50 Amazon Gift certificate for participating in a survey. That’s truly exciting. I have yet to write my long iDrive missive, but I’ve not forgotten.

Football season starts next weekend. YAY!

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