Heavens to Murgatroid

Thanks to Snaglepuss for today’s subject line which has no bearing on anything at all!

Two quick book reviews. First, Cruel Zinc Melodies by Glen Cook, another novel in the Garrett PI series. As all novels in this series, it was enjoyable. There has been less and less humour in each successive novel. That’s not a bad or good thing, just an observation. If you’re into this for the humour fantasy bit, this one isn’t for you. It’s also swinging more and more toward the detective side and further and further from the science-fantasy side. Still, I enjoyed it. Definitely a nice read.

Next up we have Steven Brust’s latest novel, Jhegala which is the new Vlad Taltos book. I was going to read the new Artemis Fowl book but Jose said this was good and so I changed my reading order. He’s right it is good: very good. This one’s a full Vlad book and not much else which, to me, is a great thing. Vlad spends the book in the East and I was thoroughly entertained. I read it all in (almost) one sitting except for the last 40 some-odd pages. It’s very engaging and introduces a new character, Meehayi, who I hope makes a return appearance. This is certainly a return to the old Vlad Taltos, which I enjoyed because I did not enjoy the Sethra Lavode cycle nearly as much as the traditional books in this series — I thought the Lavode cycle was a bit long winded and bordering on pretentious. My opinion, certainly. Highly recommended. One of the best yet. Long, yet it seemed short, which is generally a ringing endorsement.

I am looking at a new phone to replace my v330i. No iPhone for me because it’s still AT&T only through 2010, as Apple just extended the contract. So, although I really want an HTC Diamond (their iPhone clone which is not technically available in the USA), I suspect I will end up with either a Blackberry Curve or Motorola Razr2 v8 — and I’m leaning heavily towards the second unit. Advice and such from friends is welcome. I am sticking with T-Mobile, of course.

My neck is killing me but the spinal doctor is seeing me Monday, and sadly, I am looking forward to going even though I suspect all he’ll do is order an MRI.

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Adrian. I saw Timmy today for the first time in ages — Wall*E was the last time I saw him and KungFu Panda before that. And I will never get used to this G4 keyboard because I keep making typos. I miss my other one 🙁

Also as the campaign from Hell wears on, I find myself growing more weary of Mr. Obama. He’s starting to backtrack and do other things that make me realize despite all his fancy words, he’s not going to bring change or be something new as he claims. He’ll be more of the same old politics we’ve had for decades. Mind you, he’s still going to be better than Mr. McCain who will be four more years of Bush: our country cannot survive that, so I will still vote for Mr. Obama. I can’t imagine any sane, intelligent person voting for Mr. McCain. If your mind can reason and think, McCain cannot be your choice. Which is why all the religious nuts will vote for Mr. McCain.

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