Ow, my neck ::cries::

Today I saw the spinal specialist. He’s chiropractor friendly, which I like. He took several x-rays in his office. And thus, the accident saga continues. $400 out of my pocket because they don’t do auto insurance claims. I’ll have to file this.

The good news is my whiplash is probably minor. That concludes the good news. As expected, I have a prescription for an MRI which I will schedule with the hospital tomorrow. I expect it’ll happen within the next few weeks.

There is a possibility of a ruptured disc in my neck. That’s bad news. There’s also another condition that sounded like myofacial sydrome (related to Fibromyalgia) but I am not sure if that’s what he said. Don’t quote me on it.

Neither one is very good. Physical therapy might be my next choice. More eventually.

That’s over three and half hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Addendum: In other news, I’ve just finished the latest Artemis Fowl book The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer. I’ve liked the other books okay more or less but this one’s not as good. I probably am done with this series after reading this one. Quite honestly it was very uneven. It was almost as if two people wrote it. Parts were good and parts were just badly done. It’s hard to write a good, believable book in two different times and Colfer isn’t up to the task. I hate to write a bad review of a good author, but it happens. If you like Colfer check out some of his other works instead.

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