Today’s Medical Report 2.0

Got up at 515am, made a cup o’ hot chocolate for breakfast, and hiked to my car (currently parked a few blocks away as they’ve been repaving my street for several days). Drove to the hospital. Arrived at 630am as ordered. Nobody there. At 640am, a maintenance man came by and asked why I was waiting there as it didn’t open until 9am. I told him I had an appointment and said the MRI entrance is in the BACK of the building and not the front. Went in, checked in, and waited.

They took me almost on time and I got to be the victim in their fancy brand-spanking new MRI machine. You’ve all seen it. It’s that same one the use on the TV show House. The MRI takes quite a bit less time than on the older machines and it takes higher resolution. Afterwards, I got a secondary interrogation — identical to the one before.

I explained to them I have not slept through the night since the accident, and it’s gotten much worse in the past few weeks. Which sucks. They handed me the prints to take to my doctor. They’re now at home. I went to the chiropractor today and he wasn’t that much help today unfortunately, though the massage therapy was good.

Then my Spinal Doctor’s office called. He might not be in on my appointment day as he was subpoenaed to testify in another case. So, I don’t know what happens then. Then, my GI doctor’s office called and left me a message cancelling my appointment for December because he’s no longer seeing patients in the morning. Now I gotta call them and start THAT mess all over again.

I hurt. I’m tired. I’m cranky. I’m hungry.

And for my post-birthday event I’m going with some friends to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. I will just pretend I’m not having a birthday. Happily, most of them probably don’t even know. Birthdays suck. No more.

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