Random Stuff For Today

First, to those who give a shit, Happy Valentine’s Day. I currently do not. Sorry. Second, thanks to the many people who showed support on my previous quote about friends and family 🙂

Third, today skating was fun, though breakfast was so slow it was horrible. We got to the rink near 1040 instead of 10. But it was Adrian, John, and Liz. We skated through the session, though Liz’s new skates were not sharpened properly. They were not even and will need a cross-grind job. We’ll probably do Incredible Ice next week since that’s where she bought them — they ought to fix it for free as a proper cross-grind job isn’t so cheap.

Afterwards, we took Adrian home and then to my home. I did a computer “errand” for John and Liz. I figured we’d talk for a few and they’d go on their way. They stayed until 430 and we just talked geekitude and hockey. I really enjoyed it. I like them a lot. I’m enjoying getting to know them more. Very real people.

In other news, a special “glad you’re okay” to Vanessa “Mrs Murphy” who is fine after yesterday and is already back to work. And, apparently, Josh who got back in touch with me has blown me off again as it’s been a week since I sent him the email and he hasn’t answered.

The Rangers lost to the Panthers in OT (SO) which thrilled me to no end. Chew on that Mr. Ludwig. You won the bet, but we won the war. Hahahahaha 🙂 That Johnny Jones kid did the national anthem. I mentioned him either here or my message board a year or two ago. I still think he’s got a fantastic voice and one day will be on American Idol or something like that. I’m still recollecting last night’s (see previous post) Bettman thing and enjoying it.

Lisa Beskin (52nd street crew) posted an article to her Facebook feed. I must share that article. I have all sorts of mixed feelings about it, too. Nobody will stop kids from having sex, though I think they should: and quite a few adults along with them. Seriously, though, look at this picture and tell me it doesn’t bother you. I won’t get into the abort or not thing here, but this is an example of what’s wrong with parents these days. That’s really what went wrong here. Though I do admire the kid for wanting to do the right thing and be responsible for the kid, it’s obvious he has no idea what he’s in for.

Lastly, one last word on Sirius XM which is due to declare bankruptcy later this week. Their liabilities are about $683 million dollars. They are paying Howard Stern $500 million (that’s a HALF BILLION dollars). Do the math. They can’t get loans to cover their debt. Not that I hate Mister Stern but I see an obvious solution to their problem 🙂

Tomorrow, we’ve got Smokey Bones and a rare (for us) matinee hockey game. And I gotta get up early to see Mom and Grandma for day-late Valentine’s Day.

And for your HTML geeks, this page was good. I learned stuff.

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