Iron Man (The Film)

I saw it today. I wasn’t looking forward to it based on the original previews but everyone said it was awesome. I finally saw it today with Adrian after our traditional breakfast at La Carreta* and ice skating.

So it was entertaining, a summer pot-boiler if you will. I was also excited to see the previews for the film version of Mamma-Mia. One rather large continuity gaffe in which they say “with 5 agents” and there are clearly six in several shots. I took that out of context to keep it spoiler free.

The acting in the film is just not all that great but the film is enjoyable in spite of it. Downey is decent, Paltrow is great but everyone else seems like they’re just there for the check with over-acting and hamminess. I suppose it’s inevitable given the script, but it bugged me. I didn’t even recognize Jeff Bridges at fist — I kept thinking he was a business associate of mine named Dave. Terrance Howard is wasted in this film.

It’s a solid plot, and they don’t shove the fact there’s another film coming down your throat. A nice saving grace. I enjoyed it. I recommend it, but I’m far more excited about tomorrow’s trip to see the new Indy film.

There’s some good music scattered throughout the film, though Black Sabbath’s legendary Iron Man is saved for the closing credits. And stay, if you’d like, for the after credit 60 second teaser for the Nick Fury film.

I am still having trouble sleeping because of my busted Hard Drive which UPS has now lost in transit. Really. More on that early next week. Oh, and mom sent me a great picture of the Rip-Off press building in San Francisco from back in the day.

*No website for the chain but one specific location has a site, just not the one we go to. Great dinners. So-so breakfast. Always good.

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