Obama’s Health Care Reform Plan

I was an Obama supporter, and mostly I still am. In my earlier post, I meant to share this article because it’s how I feel as a business owner. I want to thank Paul who sent it over.

Of course, I also realize to hire good people you have to offer competitive benefits, so this isn’t actually realistic. But I get the sentiment. The supporters of this plan think it’s free. It’s not free. Someone is paying for it, and it’s going to come out of your pocket somehow or another. Don’t you forget it.

All these “rich” people are, indeed, people whose companies are “S” corporations. They will all be taxed to death. We won’t cut benefits, but if we have to recoup $40,000 or so to pay for it annually, we’ll cut an employee. Or two. Maybe one of these people will be your family member or friends. This is an ill-conceived plan at best. We do need a health-care system overhaul, but this isn’t it. The numbers don’t add up. And, quite frankly, I don’t recollect where the government even has the constitutional authority to do this. But I’m no lawyer so I won’t speak on that.

I just had to throw in a few more cents. I’m still aggravated by this. I hate when I find myself opposing my own party and candidates, but you have to do what’s right. This isn’t it.

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