A Post of No Consequence

Season opener of House was so-so. I liked his interaction with the doctor, and I liked the characters, but nothing happened. This was an atypical episode and when I watch a doctor show, I want to see some doctoring, House style. A happy House creeps me out and I am sure it can’t last.

This is why you’re fat. Yea, that’s right, take a plain bacon cheeseburger (Meat, Cheese, and Bacon) and instead of a bun put it on a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Remember, health considerations aside, Bacon makes pretty much anything better. I’d eat this. Seriously. Sounds good.

In a truly absurdist comment, Senator Coburn’s (R-OK) chief of staff Michael Schwartz made his case against pornography saying that “… all pornography is homosexual pornography.” Schwartz then explained the side benefit of this finding — that if boys know pornography will make them gay, they’ll never touch it. Now, I don’t know what your position is on pornography, and I don’t care. The statement is just the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Most 13-year-old boys wished they were lucky enough to have a Playboy magazine to look at. Right, Playboy turns you gay. Let a few guys read a dozen or so issues and see how many turn gay.

And here’s a nice little pick-me-up story about a true classy act by a bunch of high school kids. If you don’t like this, you’re dead inside. Be sure and watch the accompanying video. I had emailed this to a few of you yesterday, but this deserves to be shared far and wide.

Tomorrow home pre-season game for the Panthers. Which leads me into my final bit. So many hockey fans subscribe to and/or support Ecklund’s rumour site which many of us seasoned fans find, shall we say, lacking. Someone did a study. His accuracy rate? Under 3%! Seriously. Go here and read . I am amused at how bad this guy really is. I knew he sucked, but 3%? Damn.

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