Today my experience that all women are clinically insane on some level was confirmed. I will not relate the story, but must point out banging your head on a concrete wall is far more productive than trying to understand women. I know it’s a cliche, I know it’s dinosaur-era thought, but it’s still true. So there. Hate me if you want. You are all crazy. Enough said.

A negative shout out to the Panthers who continue to not show up to their games. Another negative shout out to the Dolphins who refuse to win a game out of spite. A friendly shout out to Tim, who’s cranky but getting better. A special Happy Birthday to Brenda.

My cough will not die. Damn I hate it. I think it’s time to call the doctor instead of waiting another week.

I’m sure you’ve all read my Nucor rant. I thought I’d share this button I shall be wearing on my lapel at the Fastener Show. If I were really petty, I’d organize a boycott, but frankly I don’t have the energy. (If you want a button and you’re local, ask me. I have about a dozen of ’em.)

The button is 1-1/2″ round.

I’ve pulled out the suitcase and will start packing for NIFS. I hate checking luggage, but since the fastener show involves sharp, pointy objects I have no choice. DOHS would not be pleased if I tried to bring them on the plane. New laptop is at home, and it’s all done being configured. Tomorrow we’re going to make all the dinner reservations.

Not sure what else to report than anyone would care about.

Did I mention I hate this cough?

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