One Day Down

Today was a busy, busy day. Sleep? I do not understand this word and wish someone would explain it to me. The day started with our first meeting at 830 am and we moved it to another venue due to crowds but were done in by service. I got a really, really, really awesome gift from this vendor (for obvious reasons vendor names are not posted here — but thanks F3) and can’t wait to show it to all my friends. Due to time constraints we had to end that meeting at 10am for our second meeting. At 1115, I had a third meeting in my room with another company — out of sight and private.

Then Gaby, Greg, and myself took a walk down to Planet Hollywood with a lot of stops on the way including one at the Monte Carlo to pick up the show tickets. We returned to the hotel a bit later than planned and didn’t have much rest time. Just enough time for me to do my emails. I had another meeting at 315pm but the SOB stood me up — but it’s not that bad since I didn’t want to meet him anyway and now I have an excuse to leave him permanently blown off. I am going to be ‘offended’ and not speak to him anymore.

At 345 we joined the procession to the seminar on the Nucor filing. There were probably at least 600 to 1000 people there. Honestly, it was a bit boring because I knew a lot of what was discussed. The crowd was pretty stacked on one side which is to be expected. I was a bit shocked to see the absence of some of the key players. It went a little bit overtime, and afterward I went to say ‘hi’ to the lead attorney. He smiled when he saw my card — he thinks the sheer volume of outcry did in Nucor’s case. More importantly, he said this is only the second 6-0 decision since 1979 (I think I have that right) and the odds of it being overturned on appeal are slim to none. He said only one 6-0 case has ever been overturned on appeal. But that doesn’t mean Nucor can’t file a new appeal and that’s why this meeting wasn’t cancelled.

And a brief note, I received an email tonight from someone at Nucor (name withheld by request). I wish to publicly clear up one misconception this person had. I do not hate Nucor the parent company. I have nothing against them or anyone at their company specifically. My beef, as it were, is with Nucor’s fastener division. And I don’t even hate most of the people there, though I strongly disagree with their views.

After that, we ran to the rooms, changed, and jumped into a cab to go to Ferraro’s which is a good 15-minute cab ride away from the strip. 5900 West Flamingo. And I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Vegas. It’s Italian, and it’s real Italian. The place is covered in awards. Our water was Italian and it’s real Italian cooking, with perfect service. I had a proper Spaghetti Carbonara (making it properly is very rare) as my entree with a Pasta e Fioli soup as my starter. Greg and Gaby were also thrilled with their entrees. We’d definitely return. Pricey but worth every dime. Reservations absolutely required. The place was swamped on a Monday night. This isn’t a tourist restaurant — all locals.

After that we went to the show. Frank Caliendo was slightly above average. Gaby fell asleep and for a stand-up comedian that is a problem. He’s a great guy and did a meet and greet afterwards, but the audience didn’t seem with him. He’s very talented and that’s not my beef; the show just wasn’t varied enough. We’ve heard it all before and as Gaby pointed out, the material is very dated. We walked back to the hotel and Greg insisted I mention that I had a maple glazed Krispy Kreme and a milk. Greg’s weird like that. Tomorrow is show day. Karen’s home and is seeing the orthopaedic doctor Wednesday AM. Details will be posted with her permission. Tomorrow is an early day so I’m ending this here.

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