I’ve had one all day. So there.

I woke up and went with Karen to Lincoln Road. We had breakfast, walked around, looked at some stores, and then went to Epicure. Epicure sells Smarties! And real English clotted Devonshire cream. I bought the Smarties and a Doctor Brown’s Black Cherry soda.

Came home and did the second batch of laundry and am now caught up. I printed off all the stuff for my annual holiday. I updated my computer insurance worksheet because it’s due soon. I’ve got to prepare the legal stuff because that meeting is looming rapidly. Not really into it, but a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

I finished Terry Pratchett’s Unseen Academicals last night. It’s another instalment in the Discworld series. Like all the others it’s good. This one is a bit more on the serious side than the humour side, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. I like Nutt, Trev, and Glenda — three of the new characters — very much. Juliet, though, was a bit boring. Glenda will be around again, I assure you. A real winner here. The book has a Message in it, moreso than many of his others but it doesn’t detract from Pterry’s Ptake on Football (proper football not American football).

I wrote Josh and actually got an answer. That was exciting.

I made meatballs for dinner. I know you care. They were not good. I have leftovers and that will be dinner again Tuesday.  Blech. I have had a number of inquiries on the free plane ticket but so far nobody’s picked an itinerary that works. No outbound or no return. You know how hard those damned free tickets are to get anyways.

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