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“I Am David” — The Best Movie You’ve Never Heard Of

So, today, Xelor returned to replace my entire air-conditioning duct system. Fie I say, FIE! They started around 830 or so and finished near to noon. When they showed me the crap growing in and on the old duct-work I was pretty glad it ended up being replaced. A brief scare when one of workers […]

The Simpsons Movie Review. Excellllleeent.

The movie will make you laugh pretty much from one end to the other and through the credits too. Don’t leave early. I liked it but I did think it was just a two-part episode thrown together on the big screen. All your favourites are there, though there are so many you will find most […]

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (SPOILERS)

This post (and subsequent comments) has many spoilers.  If you haven’t read the book, STOP READING NOW! Yeah, so I got it Saturday*and started reading all 652 pages of it that evening. I got the last little bit today, right after work. I found one irritating as hell typo “site” instead of “sight” on page […]

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I saw Harry Potter’s fifth instalment, the Order of the Phoenix today. I actually went over to the west coast to see it with Jace and Grant. This has become our tradition of sorts. Enjoyable time with Jace and Grant. We started with some fine dining at Perkins — well, it’s not fine dining but […]

Transformers, The Michael Bay Vision

I must offer up a disclaimer of sorts: first, I was not a lover of the original cartoon, nor did I hate it. I was indifferent and thought it was sort of silly, though the toys were cool. Way cool. I am also not a fan of Michael Bay, he who cannot hold a camera […]

Ratatouille Really Rocks

Ratatouille really rocks. This rodent tale, written and directed by Brad Bird of Incredibles fame, is one powerful film. When I first saw the previews, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t interested. I thought it was going to be the worst of the Pixar lot (Cars currently holds that honour in my opinion). Instead, I have […]

Yippee Kai Yay, Mother Fucker

Yes, John McClane is back as played by Bruce Willis. The new film Live Free or Die Hard is now out — though the name is somewhat misleading as to the content of the film. I went in figuring the film would be okay, but that I wouldn’t really enjoy it because the franchise is […]

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Right, this will be a short review. I saw it. I laughed, sometimes when I probably shouldn’t jave. But I was entertained at least. No better or no worse than the previous installment. The Silver Surfer graphics were Fantastic (heh) and their take on the character was less than faithful, but I enjoyed it — […]

Knocked Up, Ocean’s Thirteen, Surf’s Up.

This post contains not one, not two, but THREE movie reviews. I am confident some of my reader base can handle three things at once. It’s nice to know my vote counts, too. If you get Entertainment Weekly magazine, they have the Critical Mass section where critics from around the country have their reviews posted […]

Loch Ness Monster Finally Captured On Film (Serious. No Joke.)

First the Fox News report just so you can see this is real and is on almost every major and minor newswire there is. The Fox report above is one of about 200 matches in the past 48 hours with more appearing by the hour. The story is spreading rapidly, and it just made the […]