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A Very Movie Weekend: Mamma Mia and The Dark Knight.

The concept of a film called “Mamma Mia and the Dark Knight” amuses me greatly. I wouldn’t see it, but it amuses me. So on to the reviews of both. Mamma Mia (the film)Since the play and the movie have no substantial plot, I’m not much worried about giving it away. The goal is to […]

Mostly Wall-E (Wall*E) Review

First, a few clarifications about my new car for those asking. It’s the 3.0 version of the X5 which is 6 cylinders and not 8. I didn’t need the power or the crappy-ass fuel penalty. Secondly, one of the big deciding factors was the all-inclusive maintenance that includes absolutely everything except tires. That makes a […]

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting (Panda Review)

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting Those kicks were fast as lightning In fact, it was a little bit frightening But they fought with expert timing Thanks to Carl Douglas for that quick excerpt and flashback. We now return you to the present day where I just saw Kung Fu Panda. Today’s outing included Dave, Steve, […]

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Long day. Dad called early and woke me up asking if I could find him an earlier flight home. I gave this off to Karen. No dice for Dad. Last minute flights on Memorial Day are just a fantasy. Yes, I saw Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull today with The Higgi […]

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspain (also My Hard Drive)

I saw the new Narnia flick today with Timmy. I rather enjoyed it, perhaps more than the first one because it was a little less preachy. I understand that by nature a Narnia film shall be preachy because that’s pretty much what the whole thing’s about. START SPOILERS Most everything I wrote in the first […]

Philip Pullman’s Golden Compass (Movie Review)

I finally saw Golden Compass, the film based on the His Dark Materials trilogy. Let me get the first bits out of the way. The book is way better. If you loved the book, you will be mostly disappointed in this film because so much is left out, much of it essential. In order to […]

The Rocket — The Legend Of Rocket Richard

This movie has been released previously in Canada in French. The Rocket — The Legend Of Rocket Richard is now out on DVD having just been released 11 December. The DVD contains both English and French versions and I watched both to compare the two. Subtitles are also available — but not recommended. The film […]

The Kingdom: An Unexpected Review

I wanted to see The Kingdom because the previews were interesting even though it didn’t seem like “my type” of movie. I figured I might like it or be entertained. I didn’t actually expect it to be good. This is an action film that has more than its fair share of suspense. Although Jennifer Garner […]

SuperBad, Vladimir Tod, and The Every Boy (Three Reviews)

Ladies, Gentlemen, Children of All Ages: Today I have just for you a total of THREE, yes THREE reviews in one. First up, we have the review of the film SuperBad, which I had decided not to see based on the lame-ass previews. But the film got great write-ups and a number of people recommended […]

Movie Reviews: Rush Hour 3 and Stardust

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve done the weekend back-to-back film thing. First up was Stardust (A Neil Gaiman story) with my friends Kris and Thomas. Neil’s a fantastic writer, so I was very pleased to see his name on this and very sceptical that it would be done right as most films aren’t. […]