Mostly Wall-E (Wall*E) Review

First, a few clarifications about my new car for those asking. It’s the 3.0 version of the X5 which is 6 cylinders and not 8. I didn’t need the power or the crappy-ass fuel penalty. Secondly, one of the big deciding factors was the all-inclusive maintenance that includes absolutely everything except tires. That makes a big difference in total cost of ownership. Figure a few oil changes per year at $29.95 are free, the 15 and 30K services, a few hundred. Some wiper blades, fluids, and so forth. At least two brake jobs, and that’s another grand in my pocket. All free.

Second, the report on Wall-E (Wall*E in earlier presentations and actually Wall*E in the film). We started with breakfast at OPH at 1015. I ate light because I knew lunch was coming. Our party of eleven (The Three Higgi, Erin, me, Johhny B, Liz, Timmy, Karen, Evan, Shane) became a party of twelve with the cameo appearance of legend VanMuph. Breakfast was enjoyable. Took a few razzings over the fact I was in my old car and not the new one — that was due to insurance issues which will be resolved Monday. After eating, we all went to the theatre and got tickets (minus Murph who had a flight to catch) for the 1205 show. Saw some horrific previews (there’s a Chihuahua movie coming out that is vapid at best). And then the main event.

This review contains spoilers.

I will say the opening short is better than many FILMS. It’s BY FAR the best Pixar short and it was WAY better than Cars the film, for instance. Very short, short though. Wall*E is a great film, one of the best Pixar films to date, though I still think Ratatouille is the grand champion of all Pixar films. Wall*E is definitely better than Nemo which seems to be everyone else’s favourite. We have a story for the ages here. It could be many things but at its heart, it’s a love story between Wall*E and Eve. Wall*E has an iPod, sounds like a Mac II when he reboots, and has some very cool personality, all while looking like a cross between ET and Short Circuit. And he lives alone and watches musicals. (Wait, he’s not Michael Jackson. I promise.)

Wall*E lives alone on Earth, everyone else having gone to the stars because the planet is overrun with trash. Wall*E and his clones are supposed to clean it up, but except for him, they’re all done running. The planet has not been recovered/saved/etc. Then comes Eve who is looking for plant life. Soon, she’s leaving the planet only Wall*E has fallen in love and follows her. And until this point the movie is basically dialogue free.

They reach the ship Axiom and the fun begins. The human race has turned into large, sedentary, lazy cows. I mean worse than now, to be accurate. Wall*E and Eve are separated but they eventually find each other and the trip back to Earth begins. The movie gets an A+ for sure.

Afterwards we all went to Cracker Barrel and ate until we were bloated, leaving there nearly at quarter past four. No dinner for me, thanks.

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