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Killer Whales are not Whales. Dammit. Orcas

Before I get to the interesting stuff, I want to follow up on a post from yesterday. I taught the management company my HOA employs a valuable lesson. My final message to them was that if I didn’t hear back by 10am I was going to file a formal complaint with the State Department of […]

Firefox 3.7 and Googlebar

I upgraded to Firefox v3.6 today and so far am pleased, except Googlebar stopped working. Googlebar is way, way, way better than the Official Googlebar put out by Google. Googlebar stopped working way back with Firefox v3.1 but someone took it upon himself to patched it to work since the development team quit working […]

Corporate Identity Theft, Losing an SUV, Celebrity Deaths

First, RIP to ex-heartthrob Farrah Fawcett of Charlies Angels fame who died earlier today of cancer. Many of my friends and I were fond of looking at her iconic poster from the late 1970s / early 1980s. The poster is one of the most iconic, if not the most iconic one of its era. She’ll […]

The Day After Le Accident + Wanda Sykes

Came home last night (see below) to a slew of answering machine messages. None of which I have returned yet (sorry). Also had tons of emails, all of which I’ve returned last night but 2 or 3 which require more detailed replies. I woke up around 6am after a long night with large quantities of […]

A Lazy Sunday

First, Robert Lynn Asprin, author of the Myth series of novels as well as the Phule’s Company series of novels is dead from natural causes in New Orleans. He died in May in bed whilst reading a Terry Pratchett novel. I just found out when I got my new issue of Locus Magazine. Second, Adrian […]

Mostly Wall-E (Wall*E) Review

First, a few clarifications about my new car for those asking. It’s the 3.0 version of the X5 which is 6 cylinders and not 8. I didn’t need the power or the crappy-ass fuel penalty. Secondly, one of the big deciding factors was the all-inclusive maintenance that includes absolutely everything except tires. That makes a […]

I have a new vehicle

It’s here. In my driveway. Parked next to my MDX which I will turn in after I get it inspected Monday (perhaps the idiot will show up this time to do his job). Special thanks to Adrian who drove to my house at rush hour, picked me up, and drove me all the way down […]

Randomness Part VII

I have switched to roman numerals for the random posts effective with this post. I know you don’t care. New photos on my Flickr photo blog again. That should clue you in my hard drive is back and mostly checked out. There will be more details later. I have made a car decision as of […]

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting (Panda Review)

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting Those kicks were fast as lightning In fact, it was a little bit frightening But they fought with expert timing Thanks to Carl Douglas for that quick excerpt and flashback. We now return you to the present day where I just saw Kung Fu Panda. Today’s outing included Dave, Steve, […]

Where was I?

Before I go on to updating you on various things, congratulations to Mr. Obama for winning the primary. Yo, Hillary, just give it up. I will be honest and say my candidate of choice did not make it far in this election. He’s long gone. Actually, my real candidate of choice didn’t even run. So […]