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Before I go on to updating you on various things, congratulations to Mr. Obama for winning the primary. Yo, Hillary, just give it up. I will be honest and say my candidate of choice did not make it far in this election. He’s long gone. Actually, my real candidate of choice didn’t even run. So I have to either (A) vote for the lesser of two weevils or (B) vote for a candidate that has no chance of winning. I suppose I could not vote at all, too, but I don’t see that as an option. So, I officially declare that the candidate I will vote for in 2008 is Mr. Obama despite the fact I am not totally comfortable with him. I could give you many reasons to vote for either candidate, but it all comes down to the war. McCain will be four more years of Bush and he wants the war to go on, and he wants to expand the war to Iran. That alone proves he is unfit for office. That is not will of the American People. He’s already said he’s not going to listen to you, and yet people are still going to vote for him? Idiots, the lot.

I did more car shopping last weekend. I peeked at the Infinity (built not so well), and some other models. I also went to a different dealer and looked at the Rover again. I went and looked at the BMW X5 which I was predisposed to dislike as I’ve never liked the BMW line. Well, I must say, I really liked it. Not quite as much as the Rover, but damned close. It’s now at number two on my list behind the Rover I still can’t justify in price. Not done yet, but that is an update for those who care. I will need $600 in tires on my current vehicle soon, so trading it in is looking even more exciting.

I went to my GI doctor today. I got there early because traffic was surprisingly light. I was in the elevator, and he walked in. I hadn’t seen him since November, but he recognized me right away and said ‘hi’ to me before I said ‘hi’ to him. Then I sat and waited nearly an hour before I was called in. I hate that. HATE HATE HATE.

The news is basically the same. I have tried to wean myself off and/or down on the dosage of Nexium, but if I take one Nexium per day, my symptoms return. If I take two per day, my symptoms are mostly at bay if I am careful what foods I eat. Nexium is clearly marked “not for use for more than six months” and I again asked the Doc about that. He said it’s based on Prilosec (true) and he’s had patients taking that for over 20 years with no side effects. The one side effect that I can count on is that due to the way these proton pump inhibitor drugs work, is that over time you will develop large polyps in your stomach as they work harder to produce more acid because they think your acid level is low. They are always benign. What I’ve read on-line (Google is great) tends to bear this out. The consequence of me not taking these drugs is an almost certain painful and possibly fatal case of esophageal cancer as the acid eats away at me. I prefer not to go that route. $385 a month for the damned things so thank God for my insurance.

Went to the Chiropractor again today. Nothing like good news to cheer me up. Too bad he didn’t have any. I am much better than I was after the car accident (you will remember some stupid bitch rear-ended the car I was a passenger in), so that part is good. However, he thinks my neck will have some permanent damage he cannot fix. It’s too soon to tell, but he thought he’d prepare me. Other than that, the visit was good as always. It’s hard to find a Chiropractor who isn’t a quack, but I got lucky. He actually seems to know what he’s doing and isn’t some twit who tells you they can cure everything that ails you. (I went to one who claimed she could cure your cold, and other nonsense). He even has a licensed massage therapist on staff as well as a real nurse. He’s got a real degree from a real school and not Jorge’s School of Chiropractic and Transmission Repair.

I have to pee, so I’ll post this and go 🙂

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