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Iriomote Cats, English Teachers, Yellow Submarine, and Bush Declares Martial Law

Today we have another random group of eclectic posts. Way back in December 2006, I wrote about the Baiji Dolphin become extinct. Truly a sad thing, indeed. Well, it’s about to happen again to another species. Now, Japan’s Iriomote Cat is Headed for Annihilation according to the latest news. I am far more saddened about […]

Bush is a Liar and hypocrite. Proof.

When you say one thing and then say another statement which contradicts your first one, that makes you a liar. Bush is a liar. He’s a rat bastard too, but that’s my personal opinion. ACTION ONE:If there’s a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is. If the person has violated […]

Free Blow Job From A Really Hot Chick

No, this blog hasn’t been hijacked by pornographers though the title might certainly give you that impression. Tania Derveaux, the rather buxom and attractive NEE party senate candidate in Belgium, is offering to give away blow jobs: 40,000 of them, to be exact, or 80 per day for 500 days — an impossible task even […]

Another Reason Why Bush Scares Me

The headline is only a bit misleading. He’s always scared me because he has neither a conscience or a soul. However, his latest gambit, surveillance of all Americans without due process required by law is just the final straw in a mountain of straws. From the AP story you’ve all read “President Bush has acknowledged […]

Bush, Bullshit, Grammar, Ads, Used Computers, Sina, and Gorillaz

First, we have Matt Deatherage’s blog post about Bush’s service record. Originally CBS was accused of forging the documents. Only, well, they weren’t forged. I don’t want to steal Matt’s blogging efforts, so go here to read it. I am never above a shot at Bush either so here’s a quick (old) joke before I […]