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Killer Whales are not Whales. Dammit. Orcas

Before I get to the interesting stuff, I want to follow up on a post from yesterday. I taught the management company my HOA employs a valuable lesson. My final message to them was that if I didn’t hear back by 10am I was going to file a formal complaint with the State Department of […]

My website is actually getting popular

It’s thanks to the blog naturally. As of June 2005 there were 68 million web pages and that number has, quite obviously grown. A site called alexa.com ranks them all based on traffic analysis. If you’re in the top 100,000 you get all sorts of coolness factors. I’m not there — not even close. However, […]

Daniel Radcliffe’s Penis Hits The Web (Harry and the Magic Wand)

My God! If I get one more e-mail asking me about Harry Potter’s dick I will just scream. Yeah, I made a post about it, but it was not a sexual post. It was a “what is the kid thinking” post and more bemused than anything. I posted a publicity still (tasteful but boring) in […]

Radcliffe scared to reveal all to Potter cast

This snippet from World Entertainment News Network: HARRY POTTER star DANIEL RADCLIFFE has begged his cast mates to avoid his hit play EQUUS because he’s terrified of them seeing him in the nude. Radcliffe, 17, has been hailed by critics for his performance in the provocative PETER SHAFFER written show, but urged his friends to […]

One Hundred Thousand Hits

In the next few days, this blog will record its 100,000th hit since it went live 17 October 2004 — who could have imagined? That’s huge. Traffic has died off over the past year, but that’s still an impressive number. It’s also terribly misleading. Most of our traffic is currently driven by the world famous […]

Harry Potter Actor Now Naked on Stage (with photo)

In a previous post, I reported that Daniel Radcliffe was going to be naked in a new play. I made lots of jokes about Harry Potter and his magic wand. Etc. Well, he’s off and done it now. Previews are beginning soon and he’s posing for ads. I am amused. I am sure every teenage […]

Harry Potter Actor to Be Naked on Stage

(Newer blog entry with photos here). Wow, now there’s news I never expected unlike yesterday’s non-news that N-sync‘s Lance Bass is gay. I mean anyone who didn’t see that coming is dumber than President Bush. Not that I have plans to go see this play, ’cause I’m not sure I have any interest in it, […]