Radcliffe scared to reveal all to Potter cast

This snippet from World Entertainment News Network:

HARRY POTTER star DANIEL RADCLIFFE has begged his cast mates to avoid his hit play EQUUS because he’s terrified of them seeing him in the nude. Radcliffe, 17, has been hailed by critics for his performance in the provocative PETER SHAFFER written show, but urged his friends to keep clear of the West End production – much to their relief.

Potter co-star RUPERT GRINT says, “He told us he didn’t want us at the play. I was glad because it would be a little weird and uncomfortable to see.”

So, if you’re in a play don’t you think everyone should see it? I think having a whole bunch of strangers seeing me nude would be weird. Why is it weirder to have your co-stars seeing you naked? I wonder if he realizes the scores of young teenage girls are just there to oogle his magic wand. Hypocrite? I dunno, really.

My original blog post is here if you’re interested — it has a photo.

In other, related news, Mr. Radcliffe has signed on to do the remaining Potter films. So we’ll have the same Harry until book and film seven.

(Due to popular demand, here’s an index of all the Potter posts involving this play Equus)
I have made three previous posts about this and this is the fourth one (12 March 07):

  1. I first blogged it on 7-28-06 when it made the news he might do it.
  2. Then they made the first publicity photos on 1-31-07 and I blogged that. That’s when I started getting teen girls and pervs asking for photos. (For the record I do not reply to those emails.)
  3. And lastly on 3-4-07 I was amused that he doesn’t want his castmates to see him naked.

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