Harry Potter Actor to Be Naked on Stage

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Wow, now there’s news I never expected unlike yesterday’s non-news that N-sync‘s Lance Bass is gay. I mean anyone who didn’t see that coming is dumber than President Bush.

Not that I have plans to go see this play, ’cause I’m not sure I have any interest in it, what with killing critters and such. But can you imagine the throngs of teenage girls lined up to see Harry’s wand in all its glory. I’m sure the boy wizard will work magic on them and have a horde outside the stage door after every performance. It will be an event where all his fans can come together.

I find it a bit odd that any teenager would want to be on stage naked, though. Anything to get laid I suppose. Daniel Radcliffe is either brave or stupid, or perhaps a bit of both. Can any teens out there shed light on this?

By KATIE FRETLAND (Associated Press Writer)
From Associated Press ON July 28, 2006 10:42 AM EDT

LONDON – Daniel Radcliffe will strip off his Harry Potter eyeglasses and robes for his London stage debut next year.

The 17-year-old actor, who plays the bespectacled schoolboy wizard in the Hollywood adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s novels, will star as a troubled stableboy in Peter Shaffer’s “Equus.”

The play delves into the psyche of a boy named Alan Strang who blinds six horses with a metal spike. The production is scheduled to open next March in the West End theater district, said spokesman Peter Thompson.

“It is an extraordinary play, and he’s very much looking forward to the role,” Radcliffe’s spokeswoman, Vanessa Davies, said Friday. “He is maturing as an actor and beginning to take on new and challenging roles.”

In one scene the actor playing Strang is required to simulate sexual ecstasy while riding a horse naked. But Davies said nudity was not the focus of the play.

Radcliffe is now filming “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” the fifth installment in Harry’s adventures, and recently finished shooting “December Boys,” the story of four orphans who compete for adoption.

(Due to popular demand, here’s an index of all the Potter posts involving this play Equus)
I have made three previous posts about this and this is the fourth one (12 March 07):

  1. I first blogged it on 7-28-06 when it made the news he might do it.
  2. Then they made the first publicity photos on 1-31-07 and I blogged that. That’s when I started getting teen girls and pervs asking for photos. (For the record I do not reply to those emails.)
  3. And lastly on 3-4-07 I was amused that he doesn’t want his castmates to see him naked.

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