Daniel Radcliffe’s Penis Hits The Web (Harry and the Magic Wand)

My God! If I get one more e-mail asking me about Harry Potter’s dick I will just scream. Yeah, I made a post about it, but it was not a sexual post. It was a “what is the kid thinking” post and more bemused than anything. I posted a publicity still (tasteful but boring) in a subsequent post. And, as a result, my blog gets tons of hits clearly looking for Harry’s penis. The analysis reports I get read like a porn list. I don’t even really want these sort of visitors.

If you really want to see The Magic Wand and accompanying Cas, it’s out there (poor choice of words) and here’s a link so you can see it. I am not posting naked photos of anyone here –ever — but I’ll save you teenaged girls out there the trouble of using Google. It’s not very difficult but apparently, you’re all too thick to figure it out. Really, just go buy a ticket and get your cheap thrills that way.

(Due to popular demand of perverts everywhere, here’s an index of all the Potter posts involving this play Equus)

I have made three previous posts about this and this is the fourth one (12 March 07):

  1. I first blogged it on 7-28-06 when it made the news he might do it.
  2. Then they made the first publicity photos on 1-31-07 and I blogged that. That’s when I started getting teen girls and pervs asking for photos. (For the record I do not reply to those emails.)

And lastly on 3-4-07 I was amused that he doesn’t want his castmates to see him naked

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