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Book Review and Doctor Review

Today my father asked me to find out if a doctor was any good on the Internet. I tried to explain it didn’t quite work like that, but it was over his head. So, I poked around and found this site which I rather liked. I looked up all of my doctors and reviewed them. […]

Hurry Up And Wait

Okay, let’s start with the news everyone’s been waiting for. Last night was an especially bad night after a not-so-bad day, so I was pretty glad I was going to the cardiologist today. I saw the cardiologist today after a way too long wait in the lobby. He pretty much confirmed all findings so far: […]

Good News and Bad News

I came home to a broken AC and my house is damned near 80 degrees and it’s been raining for hours. I hate to think how hot it was before that. While I have a service contract, I’m paying another company to come fix it since the company that has my contract is closed. I […]

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….

…. It does. Just remember, you can be happy you don’t have my life :/ So today I went for my annual physical (for which I am two years behind schedule) during which they drew tons of blood, did an EKG, examined my prostate (my least favourite part), checked my weight, blood pressure, listened to […]

MRI Results and stuff

This is post 650 for this blog and the current counter has surpassed 230,000 which is pretty amazing to me. I also wish to point out I am spending too much time on Facebook lately. I’ll correct that in short order. Happy Birthday to Jace — I’m glad you’re having one, and I hope there […]

MRI Results — Unofficial

I got the films and CD today along with the report to take to my doctor. (One scan is posted on my Flickr Page for friend/family contacts only.) I’ve read the report and it appears there is no major change in C3-C4 and C5-C6 which still show about the same mild disc bulge. There is […]

Ann Coulter, Republican Governors, MRIs, and a bitch

Another GOP governor was caught in the arms of another woman, tearfully confessing after excerpts from his randy emails were posted. Apparently Republican governors are irresistible sex magnets with no ability to honour their commitments to their loved ones. That or Democrats are just not getting caught. This adds to the “politicians are scum” collection. […]