Book Review and Doctor Review

Today my father asked me to find out if a doctor was any good on the Internet. I tried to explain it didn’t quite work like that, but it was over his head. So, I poked around and found this site which I rather liked. I looked up all of my doctors and reviewed them. I am pleased to see the doctors I dislike are disliked by others and the ones I like, people also feel the same. Sadly, not all doctors are listed and while you can add a doctor to your personal profile, you can’t add one to the database. You can add insurance information, pharmacy, hospital, and so on.

I read a book last night in under an hour, but it was very short. Another one that’s been sitting in my pile for far too long: it was a gift and not something I’d have normally purchased. It’s JK Rowling’s Tales of Beedle The Bard. It contains five short childrens’ stories. The stories were okay but they’re definitely for the younger set, but since this book was done for charity, I’ll forgive that. They’re mildly entertaining and have no real connection to the Potter universe. However, each story is followed by “notes” as written by Albus Dumbledore. Those “notes” meant to be illuminating are mind-numbingly boring. I’d recommend skipping them and you won’t miss a damned thing.

For dinner I made penne pasta with butter and garlic sauce. While that was cooking I made meatballs. The meatballs were an epic failure, but the penne pasta was pretty tasty. I have leftovers so I will try to save the remaining meatballs by adding some additional spices. I also notice that while I bought 93/7 meat as I always do, what I got clearly wasn’t because there was way too much grease. That may have accounted for the meatball failure. I like Spanish meatballs (Albóndigas — isn’t that a great word) and someone at work brings some from his mother that are, by far, the best I’ve ever eaten. Yummy.

I did a little SQL work on the ISC web catalog, but I am very weak in this skill area, and at some point will have to hire someone to work on it for me. I am not looking forward to that project.

As you all know, I’ve been having sleep trouble and I was finally prescribed something today. I mentioned it to Dad, and he told me how bad of a reaction he had. I called the doctor and let him know. He said I shouldn’t take it because if either of my parents had a bad reacting it’s likely I will too. He’s going to prescribe something else but that will be tomorrow. Worse, I already got the first drug and I’m out $40. Dammit, man.

I am going to temple with my father this year (for the High Holy Days) for the first time in years: this owing to my sister’s performance at dinner the other night. I am not sure I’m really looking forward to it, but what can you do? I’m having to work around Grandma’s birthday which inconveniently falls on one of them. I explained the situation to both her and Mom and they’re being understanding due to extenuating circumstances. Still…. I am not sure of this weekend’s plans, but I do want to find something to do.

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