Recap Of Health Stuff (Public Version)

If you’re a fan of Queen or South Park or Hockey, you’ll love this clip. Unless you’re from Detroit in which case you might not like it quite so much. There’s much to love in this 2m23s clip. If that doesn’t amuse you, here’s another laugh for my readers: Naked banana sex cult leader flees police (a real news story). He’s still at large.

If into Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, or the Mac, you may want to own the very first Mac Plus to roll off the line which was allegedly was given by Apple to Roddenberry as a gift is now up for auction.

So let’s put some health news out there for those keeping track. This is all general news and detailed stuff will be posted privately.

Heart: Mechanically, there’s nothing wrong: that’s good news. Everything checks out. That pleases me. The problem with the irregular heartbeat is related to either the fall or stress or some combination thereof. I remain on medication for the next six months and go in for a follow-up then, or sooner if I notice a marked change. No thrill rides during this time, so sad. All caffeine was banned but I am now allowed some limited caffeine and/or chocolate. I am also cleared to fly.

The Lip: Something so small can cause so many problems. Amazing really. Mouths are dirty. When you get an injury because of any incident — be it an accident, assault, fall, whatever — they can get infected. Those infections can sometimes require absurd amounts of antibiotics to cure (some even require hospitalization). Those antibiotics can cause problems elsewhere. So can the stress of the infection. No way to know really. Mouths are also slow to heal. There’s a permanent outside scar (which many of you’ve seen), an upper inside 2″ scar near the top of the lip (behind the scar), and a lower inside lip tear with scar (vermilion barrier). Scars don’t heal. Ever. This would require plastic surgery to fix and right now that’s not something I’m interested in. There’s also some form of nerve damage in the upper lip and that is really bothersome and is unlikely to ever correct. There are parts where I’ve got no feeling at all. I can stab it with a pin or sharp object and feel nothing. 

Definitely need root canals in two teeth. One of them (from my car accident) and one of them is probably from the lip injury because it’s right near that spot. Still sore to the touch and heat/cold sensitive to the point of distraction. I have been stalling on this because of the heart thing, but I’m running out of excuse to avoid said root canals. If they were on the same side of the mouth, I’d be much happier and do them at once. But since they are on opposite sides of my mouth, they are two separate issues. Vision remains blurrier than usual, but this related to medication and should correct itself one day. However, it’s quite disconcerting to see how bad my vision has gotten in the past 60 days. This still hurts like hell. It was bad after the accident to be sure. I am sure that when I busted my lip, that aggravated it more. Again, due to the heart thing, physical therapy was on hiatus. Not sure if I will resume or self-treat. Yes, I am — none of that here What’s that? 60+ days and counting of not sleeping through the night. Now you’re all up to date. In other news, I am so tired I can’t function. Wait, that isn’t even news. Never mind.

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