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A Meeting With Alan Cohen, Owner of the Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers invited a number of season ticket holders to attend their first (and hopefully not their last) meeting with the team owner, Alan Cohen. Or, as I now call it, Bitch at Cohen Fest. Absolutely no recording devices were allowed nor were any media allowed. The sole recording was by the official Panthers […]

Thoughts and Prayers to Richard Zednik

Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers last night took a skate to the carotid artery and almost lost his life. He skated to the bench, glove covering his neck — a move that doctors say may have saved his life. Imagine 5 seconds more and he’d have possibly bled to death. A totally freak accident. […]

Jacques Martin MUST Go *NOW*

I’ve attended over 500 home Panther games (probably over 550 if I counted). I am a charter season ticket holder and for the first 10 years, I missed at most handful of games (one due to surgery and one due to a bar mitzvah). I’ve been to many road games as well. This was one […]

State of The Panthers (Follow-Up)

I am following up to my previous blog post with more details to give everyone a perspective. I received a number of e-mails asking what the problem was, as long as we’re in the playoff hunt. In the NHL it doesn’t matter how bad you are: the division winner is guaranteed a playoff spot. That’s […]

State of The Panthers Analysis

First and foremost, we have the talent in the stable. There is no reason the Panthers shouldn’t be performing well above 0.500. I don’t believe there’s anyone who would argue this point. The only reason the Panthers are in the hunt right now is their shitty division, one we should be not only leading, but […]

The Rocket — The Legend Of Rocket Richard

This movie has been released previously in Canada in French. The Rocket — The Legend Of Rocket Richard is now out on DVD having just been released 11 December. The DVD contains both English and French versions and I watched both to compare the two. Subtitles are also available — but not recommended. The film […]

NHL sued by NY Rangers (MSG)

For an interesting discussion, I give you this story and this related story. Madison Square Garden (owner of the NHL’s NY Rangers) has sued the parent league, the NHL. This is interesting as hell to me, and has a great deal of significance to hockey fans everywhere. The NHL, this year, took over every team’s […]

1996 Florida Panthers Reunion Game

Almost eleven years after going to the Stanley Cup finals, the 1996 Panthers came together Saturday at the BankAtlantic Center for a reunion game against former Panther alumni plus some random people to fill out the opponent squad. A number of announced players didn’t show (Trevor Kidd, Chris Wells) and no explanation was provided. Local […]

Eddie the Eagle takes Flight and Dances

Yep, Crazy Eddie is at it again. Eddie Belfour brought the house down with this beautiful performance worthy of an Emmy. First, the background: Eric Staal was skating in the offensive zone near the boards. Bryan Allen was near him and was called for “tripping” which was dubious. But let’s say it was legitimate for […]

Waronker the Douche Bag

I’ve always wanted to use the phrase “douche bag” in my blog. I find it funny and especially scathing. There are many people I’d like to call a douche bag, but aside from President Bush Jr I really haven’t been able to find a worthy recipient — you really need to be consistently scummy to […]