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US Supreme Court and Sports (Post 1 of 2)

This is a sports related post. If you’re not into sports, this entry will be of no interest to you. I will make a separate entry with my non-sports topic. As most of you American readers know, a huge battle is about to be waged in the US Supreme Court. It’s a very small item. […]

Autographed Cards, Windows Woes, and more…

First, the last in my series of NHL collectible photos was posted at Flickr today. I have plenty of more stuff, but this is all you get to see. This photo shows the NHLPA Binder, NHL certificate of authenticity, and one page of nine cards. There are many pages and this is a complete set […]

A Long, Long Personal Nucor Rant

Let’s start with some social injustice commentary. A Louisiana judge recently refused to issue a marriage license to a couple because one was black and one was white. His claim was the children would suffer because they were bi-racial, and he claims he’s turned couples down for this before. There was quite an outcry as […]

More Identity Theft Stuff — Personal Not Corporate

I am about to be sued. I got a call from Mr Trinidad at Wagner & Hunt, P.A, a collections attorney in Margate. After a very bad start — can you imagine any other kind? — I come to find out I have supposedly co-signed for an American Express card with someone who owes Amex […]

Settling Back In and Settling the Accident Claim

I am settling back in after my long weekend with Mom. Fatigue. Blech. Seems a number of you are jealous based on emails and comments that appear on my Facebook feed. Cool. I’m glad you’re jealous. I will remind everyone that I am the best tour guide you know for both London and Las Vegas. […]

Fun With Spammers

I got fed up today with one particular spammer who just wouldn’t leave me alone (work). Three to four emails per day from a few domains. I got mean, aggressive, and nasty after a few reasonable attempts to stop it. I did research and found the perpetrator. I sent off this email: From: Eric A. […]

Some Thoughts

The Beatles’ song is still in my head, “Beep, beep, yeah!” for reasons I shan’t share, but will continue to tease you all with. It occurred to me today that many of you enjoy my political postings, though maybe you don’t agree.   I gave money to the Obama campaign recently. As some polls show […]

MRI Results

Today, I received my MRI results. There are three components to the results. First, my C5 and C6 (or maybe it was C4 and C5) vertebrae are protruding. This is a permanent condition and will cause my minor discomfort forever. Although technically repairable with surgery they do not recommend it. That is not visible on […]

Dell Still Swallows

Not much to report. My hard drive has arrived at CBL for repair. UPS didn’t lose or misdirect it this time around. Yay 🙂 I’m still sick and now I’ve got a cough. Dad picked up my prescription at the doctor instead of having it faxed like I asked. So now I’ve got to get […]

WikiLeaks Shuttered but NOT gone

A federal judge has shut down the entire site “WikiLeaks” over one single post of over 10,000 and their ISP has complied. This is wrong on several levels. In an effort to help them out, I have two alternate links via IP address and a mirror site that still allow access to the site. I […]