Dell Still Swallows

Not much to report. My hard drive has arrived at CBL for repair. UPS didn’t lose or misdirect it this time around. Yay 🙂

I’m still sick and now I’ve got a cough. Dad picked up my prescription at the doctor instead of having it faxed like I asked. So now I’ve got to get a new one since I won’t see Dad for 3 days and I need it now. He’s such an idiot sometimes.

As you know I’ve got some very positive comments about my posts about how Dell Sucks And Blows. In the news a few days ago, the State of New York found Dell guilty of FRAUD — as if we didn’t know. But that isn’t the best part. I’ve been contacted (again) by an attorney who is willing to help YOU but only personal cases to persons residing in the USA. “Anyone interested in joining a class action against Dell for their deceptive warranty practices should contact attorney R. Rothschild at” I encourage all of you who were wronged by Dell to contact Mr. Randy Rothschild directly. I’ve spoken to him before, and I assure you he is legitimate. I cannot reveal more here. (And Dell never did answer my letter proving they suck donkey balls.)

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