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How To Fix Congress

My dear friend Fran sent this along to me. I can’t think of a reason to disagree. Politically she’s pretty much damn near opposite of me on most things but sometimes we agree spot-on.Proposed Congressional Reform Act of 2010 Then we have to discuss the iPad which as I said in a previous post may […]

Things Of Randomness

My guest bathroom now has new fixtures: nice, brushed pewter things to replace the ugliness that was there before. My downstairs bathroom also has a new fixture to replace the ugliness that was there before. I’ve also got a new flapper in the downstairs commode to replace the wonky one. I am pleased with the […]

Dell Still Swallows

Not much to report. My hard drive has arrived at CBL for repair. UPS didn’t lose or misdirect it this time around. Yay 🙂 I’m still sick and now I’ve got a cough. Dad picked up my prescription at the doctor instead of having it faxed like I asked. So now I’ve got to get […]

Why Apple Rocks (Thanks Paul)

Apple Rocks. I always say that in my other blog posts. So you know, I am basically a happy Apple camper. However today is a fine example of why Apple Rocks More. As you may remember I had an issue with my new monitor wherein I plugged it into my firewire port and everything stopped […]

All Sorts of Tidbits II

Ah, yes, the compendium type post. Sure to be of interest to no-one, except, guess what? You’re here reading it. So it must interest someone at least little on some level. That or your RSS reader has let you down in a spectacular fashion. First, the blog is approaching 200,000 posts and I expect we’ll […]

Dell Hell Redux: Consumers Fight Back

One of the most popular posts I’ve made on this blog in terms of readership has been Why Dell Sucks and Blows! Don’t Buy A Dell! (aka Dell Hell). Although it’s only got 23 comments, I’ve received tons of e-mails — probably close to 1,000 from all over the world. Amazingly, they’ve all shared experiences […]

Another Blow To Vista

In another blow to Microsoft‘s latest version of Windows, “Vista”, Dell has been forced to backtrack its Windows Vista only decision (news article), and is now shipping XP based systems due to overwhelming demand from its customers. While I am torn at whether or not to blog this because I hate Dell more than almost […]

Why Dell Sucks

Why Dell Sucks was my original anti-Dell blog post. So, I am now experiencing a huge, joyful rush of schadenfreude* at this news: Shares of Dell Inc. plunged to their lowest level in nearly five years Friday after the world’s largest computer maker slashed its second-quarter earnings outlook below Wall Street’s estimates, blaming its aggressive […]

Why Dell Sucks and Blows! Don’t Buy A Dell! (aka Dell Hell)

[This document was sent on our company letterhead via UPS Red. This version has certain phone numbers and order numbers removed for privacy reasons. They are, of course, in the original. It is unedited otherwise.] Wednesday, August 31, 2005 Dell Inc.Michael Dell and Michael GeorgeBusiness Systems DivisionOne Dell WayRound Rock, TX 78768 Dear Sirs: I […]

Installing Mac OS-X on a Dell

[This post updated 6-7-05 with additional information and citations] Yes, it’s true. Sometime in 2007, you will likely be able to install OS-X 10.5 on your crappy-ass Dell. Apple is losing the big competitive difference they once had. Instead, they’re becoming one of the pack. Apple’s sales may go up, but what made us love […]