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Firefox Fan Ruins Microsoft’s Day

Any bad day for Microsoft is a good day for me. The worse the day they have, the better my day. I hate ’em — and not just ’cause Windoze sucks more than a high-priced hooker. My dislike for Microsoft started before Windows*, I believe. So some fan of Firefox knew Internet Explorer 7 was […]

Another Mac Story, of a sort….

Yes, I’m always going on about why PCs suck. It’s true. Or more accurately, at least PCs that are running Microsoft Windows. Sometimes I blog about people who switch away from the PC to the Mac — I am, after all, on a mission to convert the world one person at a time. Well here’s […]

When Bill Met Steve (A Computer Love Story)

Right, this isn’t a love story. I’ve misled you. Sue me. But this is about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of Microsoft and Apple Computer respectively and the first time they shared the stage together in over two decades. It was a relatively pleasant meeting in which they both praised each other, joked around, and […]

Firefox Rocks Again

(This bit from 4-29-05)Yeah, I’ve posted about Firefox before. However, today it reached an amazing milestone. 50 million Downloads. Yeah, can you believe that? For several years, IE has commanded in excess of 95% share of the web browser market despite the fact it sucks more than a nymphomaniac in heat (this applies across all […]