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Day Nine: A Toe’s Guide to London

Fucking hell. Around quarter four this morning, I awakened and had to rush to the WC to spend a penny (aka run to the can to take a piss). As it was urgent, I didn’t turn on the lights, and managed to stub my toe on the coffee table or perhaps the chest of drawers. […]

Flickr: Photos from darsys (round two)

As you know, because I mentioned this in my blog previously, I sent all my photos and negatives in to be digitized. These come from the first batch that was returned in my digitizing project. The first batch returned consisted of negatives only and it was a great success on one level. On another it […]

Do it yourself medical procedures

This is a medical product and guys will squirm horribly. However, there is nothing here that isn’t work safe so share the love. It’s just fucking evil if you want my opinion. I thought it was a joke at first when Razzie sent me this, but that’s a real product. Some things you should not […]