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Bitches Deserving To Die

Some people stain the planet by their mere presence. This bitch is one such miserable cretin who is a shit-stain on the reputation of humankind. The only justice in this would be that her own son finally turned her in after she forced her own children into torturing animals. If you like animals, you probably […]

I was In a Bad, High Speed Car Accident Today

I was driving home today, and there was a light drizzle. I was on NW 41st Street just past 97th Avenue headed west, driving relatively slowly because of the bad road conditions. This is just in front of the Publix. The car in front of me stopped — for no apparent reason — but I […]

SWAT Team in our parking lot

Late in the afternoon (yesterday), around 3pm or so, I was awakened from sleep working and heard the sounds of multiple helicopters hovering over our building. As you might imagine this is not a normal occurrence. I went out to investigate and saw five helicopters. Four news copters and one police helicopter. They were actually […]

Breaking News On Identity Theft

I came home to a phone message from a South Florida police agency (to be named later) that someone has been arrested with oodles of my personal information and asking if I’ve been the victim of Identity Theft. I missed the detective in question, but I left him a detailed voice mail and told him […]

Identity Theft (Final Chapter)

Just a bit more. I spoke to the detective in question. I can’t really say too much. The person arrested IS a bank employee at BankAtlantic — as I suspected. He had the names and details of a LOT of people. He was captured with the help of BankAtlantic (yay) and many months ago, you […]

Two Days On

Let’s start with something “normal” — this was sent to me by my friend Dan (he’s a musician). It’s some kid singing a cover the Police’s Roxanne. He’s about 13, has a voice that will blow you away and plays both the guitar and drums. Phenomenal. And he’s even having a good time. Click here. […]

Another Rough Day

This one for Erin who was the victim of an attempted mugging at the mall. The Higgi called in sick to the game. So I called Erin from work to plan dinner. Last night (Friday) we were planning to meet for dinner. She called me and changed from Food Court #1 to Food Court #2. […]

Fraud Case Update Part Two

My money is back in my account as of this morning. YAY! However, there’s more. Because my old on-line banking account was locked out because of fraud, I had to go to the branch (my local branch) to reactivate it with the new account. Well guess what, kiddies? There was a new on-line account created […]

Eric Defrauded. Police Called. People Arrested.

First, I want to assure you I will gladly and fully cooperate in any investigation and gladly testify and cooperate in any way. I want the people who did this to stay in jail for a very, very long time. Here’s what transpired so far. This is edited to remove details from an ongoing investigation. […]

I was In a Fender Bender Today

Today, I was in a relatively minor fender bender. Or, more accurately, I was rear-ended by a cel-phone wielding blonde bitch. Maybe she isn’t, but her attitude bears me out. I left work a bit early today to go to the post office and pick up some stuff while they were still open. So, along […]