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SWAT Team in our parking lot

Late in the afternoon (yesterday), around 3pm or so, I was awakened from sleep working and heard the sounds of multiple helicopters hovering over our building. As you might imagine this is not a normal occurrence. I went out to investigate and saw five helicopters. Four news copters and one police helicopter. They were actually […]

Breaking News On Identity Theft

I came home to a phone message from a South Florida police agency (to be named later) that someone has been arrested with oodles of my personal information and asking if I’ve been the victim of Identity Theft. I missed the detective in question, but I left him a detailed voice mail and told him […]

Identity Theft (Final Chapter)

Just a bit more. I spoke to the detective in question. I can’t really say too much. The person arrested IS a bank employee at BankAtlantic — as I suspected. He had the names and details of a LOT of people. He was captured with the help of BankAtlantic (yay) and many months ago, you […]

Another Rough Day

This one for Erin who was the victim of an attempted mugging at the mall. The Higgi called in sick to the game. So I called Erin from work to plan dinner. Last night (Friday) we were planning to meet for dinner. She called me and changed from Food Court #1 to Food Court #2. […]

Fraud Case Update Part Two

My money is back in my account as of this morning. YAY! However, there’s more. Because my old on-line banking account was locked out because of fraud, I had to go to the branch (my local branch) to reactivate it with the new account. Well guess what, kiddies? There was a new on-line account created […]

Eric Defrauded. Police Called. People Arrested.

First, I want to assure you I will gladly and fully cooperate in any investigation and gladly testify and cooperate in any way. I want the people who did this to stay in jail for a very, very long time. Here’s what transpired so far. This is edited to remove details from an ongoing investigation. […]

I was In a Fender Bender Today

Today, I was in a relatively minor fender bender. Or, more accurately, I was rear-ended by a cel-phone wielding blonde bitch. Maybe she isn’t, but her attitude bears me out. I left work a bit early today to go to the post office and pick up some stuff while they were still open. So, along […]