Randomness Part Trois

Let’s see where to begin.

  1. Today, at work, I upgraded from Outlook Express to Outlook. I can’t say I’m happy. There are so many little things with Outlook that bug me. The two biggest issues being the address book (Contacts) aren’t working properly and I can’t figure it out, nor can any of the so-called ‘experts’ I know. The other is you can’t highlight an e-mail in a certain colour using “rules”.

  2. I cooked dinner. It was very sub-par. This is why I never try anything new. Sweet Corn Cakes sounded good, in theory. In practice, not so good. I ate it all anyway just to spite myself.

  3. I got a haircut on the way home from work. Yay.

  4. I installed Google Analytics on my site, so we’ll see tomorrow how it works (or if it works depending how my installation skills were).

  5. The term “emo” has been getting lots of hits on my blog all of a sudden, but mostly it’s still the damned Led Zeppelin and Crazy Frog posts that bring visitors here. On the plus side, my hit count is over 95,000 now — that’s a lot of views. On the minus side, most of them look at one or two posts and leave. And worse, none of them click my advertising. I have yet to see a check from Google Adsense. It’s okay, though, ’cause I like Google anyway.

  6. One of my Chinese vendors sent me the most cool and useful gifts. I don’t normally get gifts from my vendors, but happily this was a special occasion I suppose. I got a book in “Practical Chinese Conversations: 100 Putonghua Situations” which comes with CDs and everything. I had mentioned that I was going to try and learn some Chinese phrases, and now I can. The only disadvantage is the don’t explain their pronunciation guide, so you’ve got to listen to the CDs. I can pronounce xie-xie, but can’t even fathom how to say wanhau.

  7. I told off one of my vendors (Friday) and have yet to hear back. Usually, you want to keep a customer, but I guess they don’t.

  8. I recently added some chick to my MySpace page ’cause she asked, but she’s got lots of bulletins, so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep her around. I hate people who burn through bulletins.

  9. I have one ticket (for anyone who wants to go and sit with me) to the 12-23, 27, and 29 Panther Games. And also, the 12-25 Evening Dolphins vs Jets game. E-mail me if interested. No charge. Being my date is punishment enough 🙂

  10. My feet are cold. Actually I’ve been cold all day and coughing a bunch. I wonder if my cold is coming back.

  11. Hello to Erin who is recovering from her hoof knee work. Here’s to hoping she feels better.

  12. I have discovered I prefer cheaper toilet paper to Charmin. I could tell you why but it’s a bit gross.

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