Today’s Update Of Random Stuff

I am in pain. Excruciating pain. My whiplash (or maybe something related) came back in full force this morning, though I had warning signs yesterday. I had no neck rotation to the left more than an inch or so. Totally crippled due to pain. My chiropractor saw me and made it a bit better, however I called my orthopaedic guy and he won’t work on necks, and instead referred me to a spinal specialist. I can’t sleep at night because whenever my neck moves, I get a sharp, stabbing pain between my neck and shoulder that wakes me up. Really, really, no reason. (And the idiot Progressive adjuster obviously doesn’t follow instructions well because he keeps leaving me messages at home despite the fact I’ve returned every call and left my WORK number.) I am really starting to get the feeling this is going to go to a lawyer — my chiropractor says now he’ll likely never get me fully back to normal* and he’ll be putting a report in my record that I am permanently afflicted with a partial disability. In short, I am in the worst shape I’ve been in since that stupid bitch rear-ended Thomas’s car.

More on my Led Zeppelin Sucks posts: Many of the comments have made accusations of plagiarism. I found a site which presents audio evidence and is quite convincing. I find this fascinating.

In other news, my Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard has been possessed by the devil. The space bar and Q keys have decided to work intermittently. The Q and N keys also, randomly, produce 2 results instead of one. The right shift key also has decided to get stuck randomly in the down position. And due to use, some of the letters are no longer visible. I love this keyboard and have written tech support for help. This keyboard is the best $100 I ever spent.

The Linksys router at work is behaving very oddly. It’s a BEFSR81. On the Windows XP and Vista machines hooked up to it, you can login with our password. But once you do, clicking on anything asks for the password again. No password works: regular or default. Fails in all browsers and with Norton on and off. Not a browser or Norton issue. It works FINE on the one remaining NT box with Norton running. Linksys has thrown in the towel. Most Google results blame the BellSouth PPPoE connection software: a great theory only it’s not even installed on our machines. Anyone have a clue on this one? (More details on request.)

The partial rebuild of the wall (mentioned previously) is complete. The inside drywall had lots of holes put in it so air would help dry and cure the concrete so they can start the shutter work next week (again). Once this is all done, the drywall needs to be redone and the exterior repainted. Then I’ve got some other minor interior work to be done. Then my house will (barring some new disaster) finally be guest safe again. My guest room shower is now working except you can’t close the drain unless I pay a plumber to fix that– though it looks like I may need to replace that wall soon as the tiles are starting to bow.

* Shut Up 🙂

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