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Neil Diamond Set-list 1026-08, Sunrise, Florida, BankAtlantic Center:

Holly Holy
Beautiful Noise
Street Life
Love on the Rocks
Play Me
Cherry Cherry
Thank the Lord for the Night Time
Home After Dark
Don’t Go There
Pretty Amazing Grace
Crunchy Granola Suite
Done Too Soon

Brooklyn Roads

I Am, I Said

Solitary Man

Forever in Blue Jeans

Sweet Caroline

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
I’m a Believer (and quite the weak version I am sad to report)
Man of God
Hell Yeah


Cracklin’ Rosie
Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
The show was fun, but a slower group of songs that made it a little less fun than usual. I was surprised he left out Red-Red Wine, always a crowd pleaser. And “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” is getting tired. Without Babs it just doesn’t sound as good. Of course I’ll go again next tour. I love Neil 🙂

I’m working on making a big decision in my life and it’ll surprise a lot of people. Nothing good or bad. Just something whose time has come. That decision won’t be announced here until after the fact.

In other news, I realized something the other day when I was at dinner with Karen. The number of friends I have that matter is very low. You know, the kind of people who actually go out of their way to be your friend and do the things friends do for each other. I’m not trying to be bitter or sound bitter. This is just a reflection of reality. I realized if I packed up and moved to another place tomorrow — be it in the US or abroad — precious few people would care or even notice. It’d make any decision to leave much easier because not a whole lot will change except the scenery out the window. I do realize some people will actually give a shit — and thanks to you few — you’d get my forwarding address. Quite a few people will say they do, but over the past year or so I’ve learned who really does care. Actions speak far louder than words. But mostly there’s not much keeping me where I am except my job.

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