Popcorn And Friends

I made microwave popcorn for breakfast. Thanks to Adrian for that. I dropped some and it got under my chair and now there’s popcorn fluff everywhere. I have to vacuum.

Speaking of such things, I am looking for a reliable skating partner. I really need to skate almost every week and not randomly. If any of my friends and readers out there want to skate on a regular basis, please email me. I’m tired of the random and/or frequent failures to skate. I generally prefer to skate early in the morning (the 10am session) because they are far less crowded. Breakfast beforehand is an optional bonus. I’m willing to travel to Pines, Hammocks, for sure. I might negotiate other rinks but those two are both within a 60-minute radius of my house, the other rinks are further. I’m trying to get back to 3x or 4x a month.

I was going to make a post listing all my friends of ten or more years, and saying some random nice things about them. Then I realized doing this might alienate some friends I didn’t mention. You know the people who think you’re still good friends only you don’t necessarily feel quite the same way about them. So I’ve scuttled the project.

I think that’s part of the problem with blog-fame — I gotta keep in mind lots of people I know read. I don’t censor my posts really, but sometimes I opt not to make one. I do go back and add to old posts but I don’t edit them (corrections are clearly marked with strike out). I’ve only made undocumented edits to two posts: (1) One of my identity theft posts which was done at the request of the investigator and (2) one post in which I plead the fifth and removed something I decided wasn’t for public knowledge. It was there for a week and then it was gone and was only a sentence.

A special shout-out to poor Murph and his damaged foot.

Anyway, that’s it for today’s entry. I’m off*!

*I’m always off, but that’s a different story

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