Crashing Airplanes and Obama

First, a little bit on the USAir crash into the Hudson. I had mentioned how fascinating the video of the actual crash was and many of my friends said “Video? There’s VIDEO?” There is, indeed a video of the plane gliding in for a perfect landing in the river as well as the ferries coming to rescue everyone.

Second, I want to congratulate Barack Obama on becoming the newest president of the United States. And to Little Shrub I say, “Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead. I hope the door hits you in the ass on the way out. And yes, there’s plenty of hard feelings.”

I took peeks at the proceedings, but I was at work today and I was working so I didn’t see a whole lot. The CNN website simply overloaded and was unable to feed video and kept saying “Try back later” or “Wait and we’ll connect you” which never happened. MSNBC mostly worked, though so that got me video on and off. I did watch Aretha sing and Obama swear the oath of office. Other than that, just snippets here and there. I felt a sense of hope. Yay, hope.

A speedy recovery to Ted Kennedy who had a seizure during the inauguration. While he’s not a perfect person, he’s done a great deal for this country. He’ll be remembered as a great American and he should.

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