Identity Theft : Just When You Thought It Was Over

I got a call at work today from a credit card company. On 11 February someone applied for a credit card online. On the plus side there’s an IP address. Also, blocking your credit report helps. I received a call at work to confirm I applied for said card. They call the address on the credit hold request. I verified that I never even heard of their bank.

They are going to report this to the credit bureaus and also kick it up to their fraud department. This means the douche-bag ex-employee BankAtlantic has sold my information to someone else.

Sadly, I have accidentally dropped the paper with the bank that called me today into the shredder at work. Otherwise, my intent was to call the police with this new bit of information. It started with an “M” and I never heard of it. Blech. I’m sure there will be more.

I leave on Thursday with Mom — we’re leaving from our home cities and meeting at our destination. She knows now where we’re going. She is packing. More eventually. If you all are nice to me.

I ate at the Hitchin’ Post BBQ for lunch today and am thoroughly satiated 🙂

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