Transformers II Revenge of the Fallen, The Michael Bay Vision Returns

Wow. I was figuring this would at least be as entertaining as the first one. I knew it wouldn’t be good because it is, after all, a Michael Bay film. But he does entertaining (mindless) pretty well and he does explosions great. This film had lots of explosions and toys. I think there was a plot but it was sort of hard to tell. Shia LaBeouf Did a fine job as did the always smokin’ hot Megan Fox. Josh Duhamel did his very small part well but John Turturro wasn’t very good and Ramon Rodriguez was so irritating I can’t explain it.

They obviously cut corners by not even using a continuity guy here. It was sunny, it was dark, and sometimes not in the right order. The same problem was in the first film. In the Deli, Sam removes his hat twice. JetFire walks out of the Smithsonian into the Arizona desert. WTF? That’s huge. Also, the car chases change locales unexpectedly — and we get a cameo by an Oompah-Loompah. And they use boats launched in the ocean to land in Cairo to see the pyramids? HELLO — LOOK AT A MAP! Not possible. The Air Force base in “New Jersey” shows mountains in the distance? Apparently, New Jersey has new geography. I could mention the Paris Police have blue-only sirens and not red but that’s almost nit-picky. And was I the only one who noticed that when the pyramid eating robot is tearing down the pyramid in the foreground shot, there is a pigeon on the nose of the sphinx that takes up the entire nose? The world’s largest pigeon.

The dialog was stilted and so bad I was bored. Karen and I mocked the film. It was a painfully long and I kept checking my watch. We did have a nice (company not food) dinner at TGI Friday’s after the movie with SWMBO and William.

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